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What is culture?  What is communication? What is your culture?  How do you define your identity, your culture, sub-cultures? Which are most significant to you?
Culture & Identity

Weeks #2 & #3
 What are the primary aspects of communication and how do they vary within a culture and between cultures?

Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges

List of Gestures (wikipedia)


What are the  key ingredients to successful cross-cultural communication and  multicultural collaboration?  How can we overcome the challenges of living ‘out of culture’?
Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges (2nd half)
Managing cross-cultural communication challenges: Toward a more perfect union in an age of diversity  (pages 220~222)
Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies
Communicating with Strangers

What are the linguistic components of English and other languages that are necessary to understand in order to successfully engage in cross-cultural communication?  How does one be ‘polite’ in English and other languages?

Culturally Speaking: Culture, Communication, & Politeness The
ory (Chapters 2~5 are especially relevant - skim for parts that most interest you, if at all)

Being Polite in English

Politeness Exercises

Sample Chapters of 'Human Communication'

Week#6 & 7
How do Koreans see their own culture, communication styles, etc? How do non-Koreans see Koreans? How do other specific cultures (and subcultures) see their own cultures?
Successful Classroom Discussions with Adult Korean ESL/EFL Learners
Blog Posts

Different Ways of Thinking based on Culture (cont.)
The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently

The Book at   Amazon
Google Preview
Chapter by Chapter Summary
EBS Video  Part#1 Nouns & Verbs,  Part#2 See & Be
Examples:   Daks   Monkey-Panda-Banana    Happy?

Non-Korean Likes/Dislikes about Korea

What People Like about Korea Search
What People Dislike about Korea Search
Compiled Lists (in-class handouts)

Bloggers in KoreaLatest posts    Blog List

Korea Students Speak  - Tumblr Blog   About Article

For Laughs
Examples:    Explaining to Students     Student Reaction     Who speaks to the Waygok    Subway Adjumas   All-you-can-eat Galbi
Lunch  Trying on Clothes  Jimjilbang  Makoli

Videos about Teaching in Korea
Over the top videos about Korean culture

Week#8  - Midterm

What role does gender, age, and other demographic differences play in intra-cultural communication and cross-cultural communication?

Gender Readings & Questions Handout
Other Readings

Blog Posts


Men, Women & Communication

Week#10 -

What role does culture play in the classroom, specifically a TESOL classroom?

Teaching Culture in Adult ESL: Pedagogical and Ethical Considerations

Make Culture Happen in an English Language Classroom

Should culture be an overt component of EFL instruction outside of English speaking countries?

Post-Week#10 topics will be determined based on student interest.  These might included 'digging deeper' into topics already covered and other topics related to CCC (e.g. World Englishes, Media Issues, Flat World, and Flipped Classrooms)

Week#11 - Buddha’s Birthday

Week#12 - The Effect of Technology on CCC

Week#13 - Multi-culturalism: General strategies and The Challenge in Korea Articles:
I am Korean too

Week#14 - TBD

Week#15  - Final Discussions Part#1

Week#16 - Final Discussions Part#2

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