Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week#14 - CCC Potpourri

 Potpourri Discussion Questions
    World Englishes
    • What different variations of English have you experienced as a listener and/or conversation participant?  Which have been most challenging?
    • What can we do as learners and educators to better understand the wide variety of World Englishes?
    • Is understanding a variety of World Englishes valued in Korea?  Why or Why not?
    • Should we aim for more standardization or differentiation in English usage and language in general?
    • What would be the best form of international English?
    • Do you think English will continue to be considered the global lingua franca for the foreseeable future?
    Life Rituals
    • What role do life rituals (e.g. birth, birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals) play in understanding a culture?
    • What ‘out-of-culture’ life ritual experiences have you had that helped you understand (or confused you more about) another culture?

    Learning the Local Language
    • What do you think is the best way to learn the local language as a non-native speaker?
    • What impact does the outsider’s local language proficiency level have on the impression they make and on their cross-cultural interactions?

    The Arts (painting, dance, music, etc.)
    • What role do the arts play in understanding another culture?
    • Which aspects of art do you think are universal?  Which are culturally relative?
    • What is unique about the art of your culture(s)?  How can it be used to help outsiders better understand your culture?
World Englishes

 World Englishes Presentation
World Englishes and Varieties of English (by Oxford and Jain) html   ppt

Kachru’s The Concentric Circles

Wikipedia Overview


English to English from The Guardian

Speech Accent Archive

David Crystal - Which English

Different Kinds of Slang:

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