Sunday, June 9, 2013

TES 517 Cross-cultural Communication Final

You have been asked to
give a speech at the BUFS graduation ceremony* on the following topic“Developing cross-cultural literacy and building a culturally harmonious society’’
What will you say?  
Please post the text of your speech (at least 600 words) on your blog or email it to by June 16 (no hwp files, please).
It might be useful to include components of topics we’ve covered during this course, but try not to simply regurgitate a list of main points.  Rather, based on your learning and wisdom, what do you really think is most helpful and meaningful for your audience to hear.
* If you would prefer to deliver this speech at a different venue (e.g. in front of the National Assembly
(국회), at the United Nations, at a school assembly) that’s fine.  Please indicate the venue when posting.

Congratulations one more time!
You will be a
featured guest on the CCC Show on June 21.
An esteemed panel of cross-cultural communication experts will be interviewing you for about 15 minutes  They will ask the questions below and appropriate follow-up questions.  The goal of this interview is to share the learning and reflection you’ve done this semester. Feel free to prepare some thoughts beforehand, but please do not memorize or read your answers.  

  1. Which topic(s) covered during this course made the strongest impression on you? Why?
    Can you give some examples of how you might approach a situation differently as a result.
  2. What were the main points of your recent speech on ‘“Developing cross-cultural literacy and building a culturally harmonious society’’? Why did you highlight those points?
  3. How could your recent CCC course have been more useful to you?  (e.g. topics that weren’t covered, more or less in-depth coverage of certain topics,  different methods or approaches)

    (Other questions you’d like to be asked)
  4. __________________________________________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________________________________________

Topics covered this semester: Culture & Identity, Patterns of Communication, CCC Challenges, Language & Culture, Views from the Inside and Out, Gender, Technology, Multiculturism, World Englishes

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