Friday, April 12, 2013

Week#6: Our Cultures - Views from the Inside and Outside


Different Ways of Thinking based on Culture (cont.)
The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently

The Book at   Amazon
Google Preview
Chapter by Chapter Summary
EBS Video  Part#1 Nouns & Verbs,  Part#2 See & Be
Examples:   Daks   Monkey-Panda-Banana    Happy?

Non-Korean Likes/Dislikes about Korea

What People Like about Korea Search
What People Dislike about Korea Search
Compiled Lists (in-class handouts)

Bloggers in Korea: Latest posts    Blog List

Korea Students Speak  - Tumblr Blog   About Article

For Laughs
Examples:    Explaining to Students     Student Reaction     Who speaks to the Waygok    Subway Adjumas   All-you-can-eat Galbi
Lunch  Trying on Clothes  Jimjilbang  Makoli

Discussion Questions
  • If someone who is unfamiliar with your country asked you to describe your country, how would you answer? What would be your key ‘bullet points’?
  • When discussing your country with others, which aspects give you pride? Which aspects don’t? 
  • How do you think people who have never been to your country view it?
    What generalizations do they make? What stereotypes do they have?
    Which ones are close the truth? Which ones aren't?


  • Read your likes/dislikes handout and other materials listed under Week#6-7 of the Course Materials page.  Please also find materials about how people from your culture (and sub-cultures therein) see their own and other cultures and/or how others see your culture. The core questions for the week are
    (How do we see our own culture, communication styles, etc? How do other see our country and culture? How do specific cultures (and subcultures) see their own cultures? ) 
    Remember to document your material consumption.
  • Post your at least one reflection on your blog that addresses Week#6 Discussions, Week#7 topics, or anything else CCC related that has grabbed your attention lately.  Please post reflections  by Thursday at 5pm
  • Check out your classmates' blog posts by clicking on the 'Blog Posts' block on the right or going here.

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