Saturday, April 20, 2013

TES 517 Cross-cultural Communication Midterm

Congratulations! You have been selected as the ‘Director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion’ at your workplace (current job or possible future position). You have been asked to prepare a guide for improving cross-cultural communication and interactions in your workplace.
This guide should include:
  • a brief description of your workplace 
  • an overview of the types of cross-cultural challenges faced by people in your workplace (these challenges can be related to nationality, race, gender, status, etc.) 
  • information and suggestions that would help people overcome these challenges 
The guide should include some of the aspects of CCC we’ve covered in class, but can include anything you consider appropriate. It should be at least one typewritten page (600 words), but feel free to make it longer. If you prefer, your guide can be presented as a powerpoint-style slideshow, but would need to include an audio or video recording of you delivering the presentation. Either way, the guide can be posted on your blog or emailed to Jeff (not as an .hwp file) at by Sunday, April 28.
 See below for tools you can use to record audio or video.

Congratulations Again! You’ve been offered a grant (unlimited funds) to study any aspects of CCC that would help you in your capacity as ‘Director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion’. What would you like to study and how would you like to go about it? This can include digging deeper into aspects we’ve already covered in class, exploring aspects we plan to cover (e.g. gender issues, influence of social networking), or anything else that would help you better understand and deal with CCC challenges in your workplace. The method of study is also up to you - this can include interviewing experts, conducting surveys, attending presentations, taking courses, reading books, or conducting empirical research.

This can be done as a Week#8 reflection on your blog. Please post by May 2.

Recording Tools you can use to record audio and send it to Jeff.



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