Friday, March 22, 2013

Week#3 (March 22, 2013) - Patterns of Communication (part#2)


Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges


Discussion Questions

Discussion (Part 1)  Nonverbal Communication

  • What  types of  non-verbal communication 'rub you the wrong way' [bother you]?
    Can you think of experiences where someone has made a strong impression on you (positive or negative) because of different types of nonverbal communication?
    Facial Expression,   Gestures,     Paralinguistics,     Body Language and Posture,
    Proxemics,    Eye Gaze,    Haptics,    Appearance
    • What types of  non-verbal communication norms should a non-Korean be aware of in Korea?
    • What are some different  types of  non-verbal communication you've observed  among non-Koreans?
    • What are examples of non-verbal communication that takes place in a classroom? As educators, what should be aware of when it comes to sending and perceiving non-verbal messages.

    Discussion (Part 2)  Other Patterns of Cultural Differences
    Discuss  examples of how these patterns of cultural differences have occurred in your life
    (here or abroad, between national cultures or subcultures).  
    What were the challenges arose and how did you deal with them?
              -Attitudes toward Conflict          - Disclosure    
              - Completing Tasks                      - Time & Space
              - Decision Making                         - Socializing Norms

    One person in each group, please take notes which can be given to Jeff at the end of class.


  • Spend at least an hour reading through material listed under Week#4 of the Course Materials page.  Feel free to read other material you find that  addresses the core questions for next week
    (What are the  key ingredients to successful cross-cultural communication and  multicultural collaboration?  How can we overcome the challenges of living ‘out of culture’?)
    Remember to document your material consumption.
  • Post your at least one reflection on your blog that addresses Week#3 Discussions, Week#4 topics, or anything else CCC related that has grabbed your attention lately.  Please post reflections  by Thursday at 5pm
  • Check out your classmates' blog posts by clicking on the 'Blog Posts' block on the right or going here.

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