Friday, March 8, 2013

Week#1 - Culture & Identity (Spring 2013)

Core Question: What is culture?  What is communication? What is your culture?  How do you define your identity, your culture, sub-cultures? Which are most significant to you?

Source Materal: Culture & Identity by Ken Browne


In Class Discussion Questions
  • What are some of the subcultures that are part of your identity? Describe the role that these play in your life and why they are important to you? (job, age, region, religion, gender, interests, lifestyle, etc.)
  • When have you felt 'out of culture'? Describe that experience. This could be when you were outside of your home country or in your home country surrounded by others of a different subculture.
  • What are some cross-cultural communication challenges you've experienced in Korea or elsewhere?
Week#1  Assignments

  • Go to and Create a gmail account if you don't already have one. (this ID might be used for public posting. If you want to remain anonymous online, please choose a pseudonym - don't use your real name as an ID).

  • Try to create a blog at (Blogger Guide Here) If you already have a blog at Naver or Nate that you would prefer to use, that’s OK.    Try to create an account at - this will be used for social bookmarking. (Diigo Guide Here) Do not drive yourself crazy trying to complete these tasks. If you haven’t succeeded after 15 minutes - Stop!  You can visit my in my office from 4-5:30 pm next Friday or we can do it together after class.  I would like these blogs to be public, but you do not need to identify  yourself by name.  If you’d like to remain anonymous to everyone except Jeff and your classmates, choose a pseudonym.

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