Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final Exam Meeting

Meeting Location: Toz Study Room in the Mariposa Building in Seomyeon
Time: December 15, 6pm
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Discussion Topics and Materials

: Gender Differences in Communication Styles
: Gender Differences in Communication Styles Notes for discussion by Walter vom Saals


Education in North Korea


Topic: Culture & Identity
Culture and Identity Reading

:Understanding and Respect for other Cultures
Materials & Questions

1. Is there such thing as “bad” or “wrong” culture? Are there some aspects of a culture that are actually inferior to another culture?
2. What practical steps can we take to change our negative feelings about another culture?
3 What benefits are there to having a multi-cultural classroom instead of just one culture?
4. What are some practical things we can do to help prevent cultural misunderstandings?
   a. In our own lives
   b. In our classrooms
   c. Among our students
5. How should we handle a cultural miscommunication when it happens?
   a. When we are the ones who offend
   b. When we are the ones offended
6. In your opinion, what things do you think cause the most cultural misunderstandings and why?

Topic: Cultural Views on Gay Rights

Topic: Differences between North American and Korean Students

1. Differences between North American and Korean students (video+article)

2. Comparison between Korean and American Classroon Disciplines - case study

3. The Differences Between Korean & American Education (article)

4. 한국 학생들이 미국식 수업을 어려워하는 이유 (article)

5. Other Nations Outclass U.S. on Education (video)

6. ‘유학투데이‘ 미국 대학교 편 (article)

7. American High School Student in Korea pt.1 (video)

8. Korean University Entrance Exam Day ( (video)

9. What do students think of north americans? (video)
<> - videos

Reactions to Learning Korean Culture and Speaking Korean

What do Korean Students think of North American Music Videos?

Age Differences in Korea

Public Displays of Affection in Korea

HighSchool Timetables

Worst Mistake in Korea

Cross-cultural communication patterns - Korean and American Communication (article)

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