Thursday, November 3, 2011


World Englishes


 World Englishes Presentation
African American English:

American Dialects:

English Dialect Map:

Ted Talks

 Discussion Questions
  • What different variations of English have you experienced as a listener and/or conversation participant? 
  • What can we do as learners and educators to better understand the wide variety of World Englishes? 
  • Is this understanding valued in Korea? Why or Why not? 
  • Should we aim for more standardization or differentiation in English usage and language in general? 
  • What would be the best form of international English? 
  • Do you think English will continue to be considered the global lingua franca for the foreseeable future?
Read at least the top item below. Additionally check out some of the additional material (or find your own) about how men and women tend to communicate differently.

Men, Women & Communication

Truth About Gender Communication, Colette Carlson

Gender Communication Styles (from He's Just Not Into You)

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