Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week#11 - Gender Issues

Men, Women & Communication

Truth About Gender Communication, Colette Carlson

Gender Communication Styles (from He's Just Not Into You)

Discussion Questions

What have been differences/challenges have you’ve experienced in communicating with people of the opposite gender (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)?

What have you noticed about how groups of men and groups of men communicate differently?

What are some non-verbal differences in communication styles between men and women?

How do men and women generally approach these aspects of communication differently?
- apologizing

- arguing
- giving compliments
- solving problems
- interrupting

- eye content

Do you think there is a generational component to gender-based communication differences?
(e.g. is they way you communicate with the opposite gender different than your grandparent ?)

What have you noticed about culture based differences in gender communication styles?
(e.g. Korean women vs. Western women, Busan men vs. Seoul men)

Do you think certain cultures have a more masculine or feminine style of communication than others? Can you think of examples?


  1. Hi,
    I have a slightly off-topic question...
    I really love(d) that video titled "Gender Communication Styles"
    (last link), but sadly that clip is gone due to the account being
    deleted. Does anyone have a copy, knows the owner of the clip or
    if it is anywhere else available??? :)
    (...or is it even directly cut out of that movie?)
    I would really like to have this clip in my playlist again. ;)
    Anyone out there able to help?