Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week#6 - Reactions to living out of culture

Sites about 'out of culture' perspective and opinions

Arim Links

 Suji Links

Midterm Details

Write a 1-3 page essay on one of the following topics.
From a cross-cultural communication perspective, provide an overview and set of suggestions for:
  • a foreigner who will be living in your home country for an extended period of time
  • a compatriot who will be working and living and in a multi-cultural environmnet
  • an English teacher who is teaching a mixed culture class and wants to including 'teaching culture' in the curriculum
Try to include references to communication styles (e.g. attitudes toward conflict, decision making, disclosure) and aspects of culture (knowledge, values, behavior, skills).  Please avoid simply repeating or rephrasing what was said in course materials. You can mention those, but try to also use examples and real life experiences to make your points and justify your opinions.

Essays are due by Oct. 21 11:59pm
Preferred method of submission is to create a google doc and share it with
pufslebow as gmail dot com. (guide here - don't worry about the tasks)
Alternatively, you can email them to pufslebow at gmail dot com NOT in hwp format.
Be prepared to discuss your main points during our next class (not read your paper). 

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