Thursday, September 22, 2011


Discussion Questions - Week#3
- What generalizations do you think people make about Korea and Korean culture?
- What generalizations do people (perhaps including you) make about other cultures?
  (For example: Japanese, Chinese, Americans, French, teachers, old people,  

                         vegetarians,   people of color, people with pierced tongues, fat people, etc.)
- Are some of these generalizations ‘more accurate than others?
- Can you think of generalizations you’ve made that have been proven false?

- What are some of the things non-Koreans do that can result in being perceived as aggressive?
- What are some things that Koreans might do outside of Korea that can result in being perceived as aggressive?
- What are some examples of historical context that help others understand Korean culture?
- Can you think of historical context from other cultures that help us better understand them?
- Other than traveling outside of Korea, what are ways you can ‘practice’ cross-cultural communication?

What example of these come to mind when thinking about your own culture?
  • Cultural knowledge  - The knowledge of the culture’s institutions, the Big C, (traditional music, clothing, holidays,etc)
  • Cultural values  -  The ‘psyche’ of the country, what people think is important, it includes things like family, hospitality, patriotism, fairness etc.
  • Cultural behaviour  -The knowledge of daily routines and behaviour, the little c,
  • Cultural skills  - the development of intercultural sensitivity and awareness, using the English language as the medium of interaction.

- Do you think including culture as part of ELT is important?
    If so, when and how should we introduce the teaching of culture in ELT?   
   What is ‘English Culture”?
- What materials (audio, text, visual aids, videos) are most effective for teaching culture?

- What kinds of activities lend themselves to learning about and appreciating other cultures?

Reading Assignment
Teaching Culture in Adult ESL: Pedagogical and Ethical Considerations

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