Sunday, September 11, 2011


Discussion about Patterns of Cultural Differences in Communication

Communication Styles-

  • What are some examples of different communication styles you've experienced with family members, co-workers, people from other parts of Korea, foreigners, or people of different gender, age, background, etc?
  • How would you characterize your personal communication style? 
  • What generalizations would you make about Korean communication styles?
  • How do the following approach conflict - you, your family, Koreans, people of other cultural backgrounds you've known?
    (examples: you disagree with your parents, older friend,  boss, co-worker, etc.)

Non verbal communication includes gestures, mannerisms, head movements, stance, eye contact, touch, physical space, tone, and any other way that something is communicated without words.
  • What types of  non-verbal communication should a non-Korean be aware of in Korea?
  • What  types of  non-verbal communication 'rub you the wrong way' [bother you]?
  • What are some 'different'  types of  non-verbal communication you've observed  among non-Koreans?

Non-verbal Communication Links
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