Friday, September 2, 2011

Week#1 (Sept. 1, 2011)

Week#1 Presentation

In class Discussion Questions
Part 1
  • What are some of the subcultures that are part of your identity? Describe the role that these play in your life and why they are important to you? (job, age, region, religion, gender, interests, etc.) 
  • When have you felt 'out of culture'? Describe that experience. 
  • What are some cross-cultural communication challenges you've experienced in Korea or abroad?
Part 2
  • What do you think is most unique or important about Korean culture? 
  • What makes you feel most Korean? 
  • In what ways do you feel atypically Korean? 
  • What would you like non-Koreans to know about Korean culture? How do you think foreigners view Korea? What do you think are some common misunderstandings (if any)?

Assignments (due before next class, Sept 8)
Go to and Create a gmail account if you don't already have one. (this ID might be used for public posting. If you want to remain anonymous online, please choose a pseudonym - don't use your real name as an ID).

Complete the CCC Entrance Survey

Read "Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges"

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