Saturday, September 10, 2011


Cross Cultural Communication

Taught as part of the TESOL Master's offered at Pusan University of Foreign Studies

Course Overview: 
Cross-cultural communication is playing an increasingly important role in our lives as individuals and educators. During this course we will explore various aspects of CCC with the aim of making course as interesting and relevant as possible for all of us. Methods of instruction will include lecture style presentations, small group discussions, use of short videos, online interactions, and reflective writing (on personal blogs). Assigned readings will include some 'academic' writings, but also authentic sources like blog posts, online presentations, personal videos, etc. We will also attempt to connect with others (asynchronously and perhaps in real time) who are studying CCC or have relevant insights to share. Students are encouraged bring their own personal experiences into the classroom, reflect with others about how they apply to CCC, pursue their learning passions and (whenever possible) share these online with the hopes of actually engaging in cross-cultural communication. 

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